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Native UART DMX Plugin

This plugin drives a supported POSIX UART (plus extensions) to produce a
direct DMX output stream. The host needs to create the DMX stream itself as
there is no external microcontroller.

This is tested with the on-board UART of the Raspberry Pi. See here for a
possible schematic:

Config file: ola-uartdmx.conf

enabled = true
Enable this plugin (DISABLED by default).

device = /dev/ttyAMA0
The device to use for DMX output (optional). Multiple devices are supported
if the hardware exists. On later software it may also be /dev/serial0.
Using USB-serial adapters is not supported (try the
ftdidmx plugin instead).

Per Device Settings (using above device name)

<device>-break = 100
The DMX break time in microseconds for this device (optional).

<device>-malf = 100
The Mark After Last Frame time in microseconds for this device (optional).

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