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Logging.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Header file for OLA Logging.

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class  ola::LogDestination
 The base class for log destinations. More...
class  ola::StdErrorLogDestination
 A LogDestination that writes to stderr. More...
class  ola::SyslogDestination
 An abstract base of LogDestination that writes to syslog. More...
class  ola::UnixSyslogDestination
 A SyslogDestination that writes to Unix syslog. More...


 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.


#define OLA_LOG(level)
 Provide a stream interface to log a message at the specified log level. More...


enum  ola::log_level {
 The OLA log levels. This controls the verbosity of logging. Each level also includes those below it. More...
enum  ola::log_output { ola::OLA_LOG_STDERR, ola::OLA_LOG_SYSLOG, OLA_LOG_NULL }
 The destination to write log messages to. More...


void ola::SetLogLevel (log_level level)
 Set the logging level. More...
log_level ola::LogLevel ()
 Fetch the current level of logging. More...
void ola::IncrementLogLevel ()
 Increment the log level by one. The log level wraps to OLA_LOG_NONE.
bool ola::InitLoggingFromFlags ()
 Initialize the OLA logging system from flags. More...
bool ola::InitLogging (log_level level, log_output output)
 Initialize the OLA logging system. More...
void ola::InitLogging (log_level level, LogDestination *destination)
 Initialize the OLA logging system using the specified LogDestination. More...