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RDMHelper.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Various misc RDM functions.

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 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.
 ESTA E1.20 Remote Device Management.


string ola::rdm::StatusCodeToString (RDMStatusCode status)
std::string ola::rdm::ResponseCodeToString (RDMStatusCode status)
string ola::rdm::DataTypeToString (uint8_t type)
string ola::rdm::LampModeToString (uint8_t lamp_mode)
string ola::rdm::LampStateToString (uint8_t lamp_state)
string ola::rdm::NackReasonToString (uint16_t reason)
string ola::rdm::PowerStateToString (uint8_t power_state)
bool ola::rdm::UIntToPowerState (uint8_t state, rdm_power_state *power_state)
string ola::rdm::PrefixToString (uint8_t prefix)
string ola::rdm::ProductCategoryToString (uint16_t category)
string ola::rdm::ProductDetailToString (uint16_t detail)
string ola::rdm::ResetDeviceToString (uint8_t reset_device)
bool ola::rdm::UIntToResetDevice (uint8_t state, rdm_reset_device_mode *reset_device)
string ola::rdm::SensorTypeToString (uint8_t type)
string ola::rdm::SensorSupportsRecordingToString (uint8_t supports_recording)
string ola::rdm::SlotInfoToString (uint8_t slot_type, uint16_t slot_label)
string ola::rdm::StatusMessageIdToString (uint16_t message_id, int16_t data1, int16_t data2)
string ola::rdm::StatusTypeToString (uint8_t status_type)
string ola::rdm::UnitToString (uint8_t unit)