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ola::rdm::VariableFieldSizeCalculator Class Reference

Detailed Description

Calculate the size of a variable field when unpacking a Message from a raw data stream.

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Public Types

enum  calculator_state {

Public Member Functions

bool Descend () const
calculator_state CalculateFieldSize (unsigned int data_size, const class ola::messaging::Descriptor *, unsigned int *variable_field_repeat_count)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::BoolFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::IPV4FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::MACFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UIDFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::StringFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt8FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt16FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt32FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int8FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int16FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int32FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::FieldDescriptorGroup *)
void PostVisit (const ola::messaging::FieldDescriptorGroup *)

Member Function Documentation

VariableFieldSizeCalculator::calculator_state ola::rdm::VariableFieldSizeCalculator::CalculateFieldSize ( unsigned int  data_size,
const class ola::messaging::Descriptor descriptor,
unsigned int *  variable_field_size 

Figure out the size of a variable-length field in a descriptor. The variable field may be a string or a repeated group of fields. Multiple-variable length fields are not supported as this doesn't allow us to determine the boundary of the individual fields within a message.

This method is not re-entrant.

data_sizethe size in bytes of the data in this message
descriptorThe descriptor to use to build the Message
variable_field_sizea pointer to a int which is set to the length of the variable field within this message.
A enum which indicates if one (or more) variable length fields exist, and if only one exists, what type it is.

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