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Dummy Plugin

The plugin creates a single device with one port. When used as an output
port it prints the first two bytes of dmx data to stdout.

The Dummy plugin can also emulate a range of RDM devices. It supports the
following RDM device types:

The number of each type of device is configurable.

Config file: ola-dummy.conf

ack_timer_count = 0
The number of ack timer responders to create.

advanced_dimmer_count = 0
The number of E1.37-1 dimmer responders to create.

dimmer_count = 1
The number of dimmer devices to create.

dimmer_subdevice_count = 1
The number of sub-devices each dimmer device should have.

dummy_device_count = 1
The number of dummy devices to create.

moving_light_count = 1
The number of moving light devices to create.

sensor_device_count = 1
The number of sensor-only devices to create.

network_device_count = 1
The number of network E1.37-2 devices to create.

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