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E1.31 (Streaming DMX over ACN) Plugin

This plugin creates a single device with a configurable number of input and
output ports.

Each port can be assigned to a different E1.31 Universe.

Config file: ola-e131.conf

cid = 00010203-0405-0607-0809-0A0B0C0D0E0F
The CID to use for this device.

dscp = [int]
The DSCP value to tag the packets with, range is 0 to 63.

draft_discovery = [bool]
Enable the draft (2014) E1.31 discovery protocol.

ignore_preview = [true|false]
Ignore preview data.

input_ports = [int]
The number of input ports to create up to an arbitrary max of 512.

ip = [a.b.c.d|<interface_name>]
The IP address or interface name to bind to. If not specified it will use
the first non-loopback interface.

output_ports = [int]
The number of output ports to create up to an arbitrary max of 512.

prepend_hostname = [true|false]
Prepend the hostname to the source name when sending packets.

revision = [0.2|0.46]
Select which revision of the standard to use when sending data. 0.2 is the
standardized revision, 0.46 (default) is the ANSI standard version.

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