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Pathway Pathport Plugin

This plugin creates a single device with 5 input and 5 output ports.

The universe the port is patched to corresponds with the DMX channels used
in the PathPort protocol. For example universe 0 is xDMX channels 0 - 511,
universe 1 is xDMX channels 512 - 1023.

Config file: ola-pathport.conf

dscp = <int>
Set the DSCP value for the packets. Range is 0-63.

ip = [a.b.c.d|<interface_name>]
The IP address or interface name to bind to. If not specified it will use
the first non-loopback interface.

name = ola-Pathport
The name of the node.

node-id = <int>
The pathport id of the node.

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