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RDMAPI.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Provide a generic RDM API that can use different implementations.

This class provides a high level C++ RDM API for PIDS defined in E1.20. It includes error checking for out-of-range arguments. Each RDM method takes a pointer to a string, which will be populated with an english error message if the command fails.

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struct  ola::rdm::StatusMessage
struct  ola::rdm::ParameterDescriptor
struct  ola::rdm::SensorDescriptor
struct  ola::rdm::DimmerInfoDescriptor
struct  ola::rdm::DimmerMinimumDescriptor
class  ola::rdm::QueuedMessageHandler
class  ola::rdm::RDMAPI


 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.
 ESTA E1.20 Remote Device Management.


typedef struct device_info_s ola::rdm::DeviceDescriptor
typedef struct slot_info_s ola::rdm::SlotDescriptor
typedef struct slot_default_s ola::rdm::SlotDefault
typedef struct sensor_values_s ola::rdm::SensorValueDescriptor
typedef struct clock_value_s ola::rdm::ClockValue


 ola::rdm::PACK (struct device_info_s{uint8_t protocol_version_high;uint8_t protocol_version_low;uint16_t device_model;uint16_t product_category;uint32_t software_version;uint16_t dmx_footprint;uint8_t current_personality;uint8_t personality_count;uint16_t dmx_start_address;uint16_t sub_device_count;uint8_t sensor_count;})
 ola::rdm::PACK (struct slot_info_s{uint16_t slot_offset;uint8_t slot_type;uint16_t slot_label;})
 ola::rdm::PACK (struct slot_default_s{uint16_t slot_offset;uint8_t default_value;})
 ola::rdm::PACK (struct sensor_values_s{uint8_t sensor_number;int16_t present_value;int16_t lowest;int16_t highest;int16_t recorded;})
 ola::rdm::PACK (struct clock_value_s{uint16_t year;uint8_t month;uint8_t day;uint8_t hour;uint8_t minute;uint8_t second;})