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ClientTypes.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Types used as return values from the OLA Client.

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class  ola::client::OlaPlugin
 Represents a Plugin. More...
struct  ola::client::PluginState
 The state of a plugin. This information can be used to detect conflicts between plugins. More...
class  ola::client::OlaPort
 The base class that represents a port. More...
class  ola::client::OlaInputPort
 An input port (receives DMX). More...
class  ola::client::OlaOutputPort
 An Output Port (sends DMX). More...
class  ola::client::OlaDevice
 Represents a device. More...
class  ola::client::OlaUniverse
 Represents a universe. More...
struct  ola::client::DMXMetadata
 Metadata that accompanies DMX packets. More...
struct  ola::client::RDMMetadata
 Metadata that accompanies RDM Responses. More...


 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.