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ola::Plugin Class Referenceabstract
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Public Member Functions

 Plugin (PluginAdaptor *plugin_adaptor)
bool LoadPreferences ()
 Load the preferences for a plugin and set defaults.
std::string PreferenceConfigLocation () const
 The location for preferences. More...
bool IsEnabled () const
 Is the plugin enabled? More...
void SetEnabledState (bool enable)
 Set the plugin's enabled state. More...
virtual bool Start ()
 Start the plugin. More...
virtual bool Stop ()
 Stop the plugin. More...
virtual bool DefaultMode () const
virtual ola_plugin_id Id () const =0
 Get the plugin ID of this plugin. More...
virtual std::string PluginPrefix () const =0
 The prefix to use for storing configuration files. More...
virtual void ConflictsWith (std::set< ola_plugin_id > *) const
bool operator< (const AbstractPlugin &other) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::AbstractPlugin
virtual std::string Name () const =0
 Get the plugin name. More...
virtual std::string Description () const =0

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool StartHook ()
virtual bool StopHook ()
virtual bool SetDefaultPreferences ()

Protected Attributes

class Preferencesm_preferences

Static Protected Attributes

static const char ENABLED_KEY [] = "enabled"

Member Function Documentation

◆ Id()

virtual ola_plugin_id ola::Plugin::Id ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ IsEnabled()

bool ola::Plugin::IsEnabled ( ) const

Is the plugin enabled?

true if this plugin is enabled

Implements ola::AbstractPlugin.

◆ PluginPrefix()

virtual std::string ola::Plugin::PluginPrefix ( ) const
pure virtual

◆ PreferenceConfigLocation()

string ola::Plugin::PreferenceConfigLocation ( ) const

The location for preferences.

This can be anything really but should indicate to the user how the preferences were loaded.

Implements ola::AbstractPlugin.

◆ SetDefaultPreferences()

virtual bool ola::Plugin::SetDefaultPreferences ( )

Set default preferences.

◆ SetEnabledState()

void ola::Plugin::SetEnabledState ( bool  enable)

Set the plugin's enabled state.

enableThe new enabled state
true if this plugin is enabled

Implements ola::AbstractPlugin.

◆ Start()

bool ola::Plugin::Start ( )

Start the plugin.

Calls StartHook() which can be overridden by the derived classes.

true if we started ok, false otherwise

Implements ola::AbstractPlugin.

◆ Stop()

bool ola::Plugin::Stop ( )

Stop the plugin.

Calls StopHook() which can be overridden by the derived classes.

true on success, false on failure

Implements ola::AbstractPlugin.

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