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ola::PluginLoader Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

The interface used to load plugins.

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Public Member Functions

void SetPluginAdaptor (class PluginAdaptor *adaptor)
 Set the PluginAdaptor to use for the plugins. More...
virtual std::vector< class
AbstractPlugin * > 
LoadPlugins ()=0
 Load the plugins. More...
virtual void UnloadPlugins ()=0
 Unload all previously loaded plugins. More...

Protected Attributes

class PluginAdaptorm_plugin_adaptor

Member Function Documentation

virtual std::vector<class AbstractPlugin*> ola::PluginLoader::LoadPlugins ( )
pure virtual

Load the plugins.

A vector with a list of the plugins which were loaded. The PluginLoader maintains ownership of each plugin.

Implemented in ola::DynamicPluginLoader.

void ola::PluginLoader::SetPluginAdaptor ( class PluginAdaptor adaptor)

Set the PluginAdaptor to use for the plugins.

adaptorThe PluginAdaptor, ownership is not transferred.
virtual void ola::PluginLoader::UnloadPlugins ( )
pure virtual

Unload all previously loaded plugins.

After this call completes, any plugins returned by LoadPlugins() must not be used.

Implemented in ola::DynamicPluginLoader.

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