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ola::acn::IncomingStreamTransport Class Reference

Detailed Description

Read ACN messages from a stream. Generally you want to use the IncomingTCPTransport directly. This class is used for testing.

Public Member Functions

 IncomingStreamTransport (class BaseInflator *inflator, ola::io::ConnectedDescriptor *descriptor, const ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress &source)
 ~IncomingStreamTransport ()
bool Receive ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::acn::IncomingStreamTransport::IncomingStreamTransport ( class BaseInflator inflator,
ola::io::ConnectedDescriptor descriptor,
const ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress source 

Create a new IncomingStreamTransport.

inflatorthe inflator to call for each PDU
descriptorthe descriptor to read from
sourcethe IP and port to use in the transport header
ola::acn::IncomingStreamTransport::~IncomingStreamTransport ( )

Clean up

Member Function Documentation

bool ola::acn::IncomingStreamTransport::Receive ( )

Read from this stream, looking for ACN messages.

false if the stream is no longer consistent. At this point the caller should close the descriptor since the data is no longer valid.

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