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ola::acn::RootPDU Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 RootPDU (unsigned int vector)
 RootPDU (unsigned int vector, const ola::acn::CID &cid, const PDUBlock< PDU > *block)
unsigned int HeaderSize () const
unsigned int DataSize () const
bool PackHeader (uint8_t *data, unsigned int *length) const
bool PackData (uint8_t *data, unsigned int *length) const
void PackHeader (ola::io::OutputStream *stream) const
void PackData (ola::io::OutputStream *stream) const
const ola::acn::CIDCid () const
const ola::acn::CIDCid (const ola::acn::CID &cid)
void SetBlock (const PDUBlock< PDU > *block)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::acn::PDU
 PDU (unsigned int vector, vector_size size=FOUR_BYTES)
virtual unsigned int Size () const
virtual unsigned int VectorSize () const
void SetVector (unsigned int vector)
virtual bool Pack (uint8_t *data, unsigned int *length) const
virtual void Write (ola::io::OutputStream *stream) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void PrependPDU (ola::io::IOStack *stack, uint32_t vector, const ola::acn::CID &cid)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ola::acn::PDU
static void PrependFlagsAndLength (ola::io::OutputBufferInterface *output, uint8_t flags=VFLAG_MASK|HFLAG_MASK|DFLAG_MASK)
static void PrependFlagsAndLength (ola::io::OutputBufferInterface *output, unsigned int length, uint8_t flags)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ola::acn::PDU
enum  vector_size { ONE_BYTE = 1, TWO_BYTES = 2, FOUR_BYTES = 4 }
- Static Public Attributes inherited from ola::acn::PDU
static const uint8_t VFLAG_MASK = 0x40
static const uint8_t HFLAG_MASK = 0x20
static const uint8_t DFLAG_MASK = 0x10

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