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ola::dmx::RunLengthEncoder Class Reference

Detailed Description

Encode / Decode DMX data using Run Length Encoding

Public Member Functions

bool Encode (const DmxBuffer &src, uint8_t *data, unsigned int *size)
bool Decode (unsigned int start_channel, const uint8_t *data, unsigned int length, DmxBuffer *output)

Member Function Documentation

bool ola::dmx::RunLengthEncoder::Decode ( unsigned int  start_channel,
const uint8_t *  data,
unsigned int  length,
DmxBuffer output 

Decode an DMX frame and place the output in a DmxBuffer

[in]start_channelthe first channel for the RLE'ed data
[in]datathe encoded frame.
[in]lengththe length of the encoded frame.
[out]outputthe DmxBuffer to store the frame in
true if decoding was successful, false otherwise.
bool ola::dmx::RunLengthEncoder::Encode ( const DmxBuffer src,
uint8_t *  data,
unsigned int *  size 

Given a DMXBuffer, run length encode the data.

[in]srcthe DmxBuffer to encode.
[out]datawhere to store the RLE data
[in,out]sizethe size of the data segment, set to the amount of data encoded.
true if we encoded all data, false if we ran out of space

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