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ola::e133::DeviceManager Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class is responsible for maintaining connections to E1.33 devices. It simply passes calls through to the DeviceManagerImpl so we don't have to pull in all the headers.

Public Types

typedef ola::Callback3< bool,
const IPV4Address &, uint16_t,
const string & > 
typedef ola::Callback1< void,
const IPV4Address & > 
typedef ola::Callback1< void,
const IPV4Address & > 

Public Member Functions

 DeviceManager (ola::io::SelectServerInterface *ss, ola::e133::MessageBuilder *message_builder)
void SetRDMMessageCallback (RDMMesssageCallback *callback)
void SetAcquireDeviceCallback (AcquireDeviceCallback *callback)
void SetReleaseDeviceCallback (ReleaseDeviceCallback *callback)
void AddDevice (const IPV4Address &ip_address)
void RemoveDevice (const IPV4Address &ip_address)
void RemoveDeviceIfNotConnected (const IPV4Address &ip_address)
void ListManagedDevices (vector< IPV4Address > *devices) const

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