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ola::io::WriteFileDescriptor Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Represents a file descriptor that supports writing data.

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Public Member Functions

virtual DescriptorHandle WriteDescriptor () const =0
 Returns the write descriptor for this socket. More...
bool ValidWriteDescriptor () const
 Check if this file descriptor is valid. More...
virtual void PerformWrite ()=0
 Called when the descriptor can be written to. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ PerformWrite()

virtual void ola::io::WriteFileDescriptor::PerformWrite ( )
pure virtual

Called when the descriptor can be written to.

This is usually called by the SelectServer.

Implemented in ola::io::BidirectionalFileDescriptor, and ola::network::PendingTCPConnection.

◆ ValidWriteDescriptor()

bool ola::io::WriteFileDescriptor::ValidWriteDescriptor ( ) const

Check if this file descriptor is valid.

true if the write descriptor is valid.

◆ WriteDescriptor()

virtual DescriptorHandle ola::io::WriteFileDescriptor::WriteDescriptor ( ) const
pure virtual

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