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ola::network::InterfaceBuilder Class Reference

Detailed Description

An InterfaceBuilder, this can construct Interface objects

Public Member Functions

 InterfaceBuilder ()
void SetName (const std::string &name)
bool SetAddress (const std::string &ip_address)
void SetAddress (const IPV4Address &ip_address)
bool SetBroadcast (const std::string &broadcast_address)
void SetBroadcast (const IPV4Address &broadcast_address)
bool SetSubnetMask (const std::string &mask)
void SetSubnetMask (const IPV4Address &mask)
void SetHardwareAddress (const MACAddress &mac_address)
void SetLoopback (bool loopback)
void SetIndex (int32_t index)
void SetType (uint16_t type)
void Reset ()
Interface Construct ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::InterfaceBuilder ( )

Create a new interface builder

Member Function Documentation

Interface ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::Construct ( )

Return a new interface object. Maybe in the future we should check that the broadcast address, ip address and netmask are consistent. We could even infer the broadcast_address if it isn't provided.

void ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::Reset ( )

Reset the builder object

bool ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetAddress ( const std::string &  ip_address)

Set the address of the interface to build.

bool ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetBroadcast ( const std::string &  broadcast_address)

Set the broadcast address of the interface to build.

void ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetIndex ( int32_t  index)

Set the index.

void ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetLoopback ( bool  loopback)

Set the loopback flag.

bool ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetSubnetMask ( const std::string &  mask)

Set the subnet mask of the interface to build.

void ola::network::InterfaceBuilder::SetType ( uint16_t  type)

Set the type.

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