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ola::network::TCPAcceptingSocket Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TCPAcceptingSocket (class TCPSocketFactoryInterface *factory)
 ~TCPAcceptingSocket ()
bool Listen (const SocketAddress &endpoint, int backlog=10)
ola::io::DescriptorHandle ReadDescriptor () const
 Returns the read descriptor for this socket. More...
bool Close ()
void PerformRead ()
 Called when there is data available on the descriptor. More...
void SetFactory (class TCPSocketFactoryInterface *factory)
GenericSocketAddress GetLocalAddress () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::io::ReadFileDescriptor
bool ValidReadDescriptor () const
 Check if this file descriptor is valid. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::network::TCPAcceptingSocket::~TCPAcceptingSocket ( )

Clean up

Member Function Documentation

GenericSocketAddress ola::network::TCPAcceptingSocket::GetLocalAddress ( ) const

Get the local IPAddress and port for this socket

void ola::network::TCPAcceptingSocket::PerformRead ( )

Called when there is data available on the descriptor.

This is usually called by the SelectServer.

Implements ola::io::ReadFileDescriptor.

ola::io::DescriptorHandle ola::network::TCPAcceptingSocket::ReadDescriptor ( ) const

Returns the read descriptor for this socket.

the DescriptorHandle for this descriptor.

Implements ola::io::ReadFileDescriptor.

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