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ola::network::TCPConnector Class Reference

Detailed Description

An class which manages non-blocking TCP connects.

Public Types

ola::SingleUseCallback2< void,
int, int > 
 The callback run when a TCP connection request completes. More...
typedef const void * TCPConnectionID
 The TCPConnectionID. More...

Public Member Functions

 TCPConnector (ola::io::SelectServerInterface *ss)
 Create a new TCPConnector. More...
TCPConnectionID Connect (const IPV4SocketAddress &endpoint, const ola::TimeInterval &timeout, TCPConnectCallback *callback)
 Perform a non-blocking TCP connect. More...
bool Cancel (TCPConnectionID id)
 Cancel a pending TCP connection. More...
void CancelAll ()
 Cancel all pending TCP connections.
unsigned int ConnectionsPending () const
 Return the number of pending connections.
void SocketWritable (class PendingTCPConnection *connection)
 Called when the TCP socket connects. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

The callback run when a TCP connection request completes.

The first argument passed to the callback is the FD or -1 if the connect() request failed. If the request failed, the second argument is errno.

The TCPConnectionID.

This can be used to cancel a pending TCP connection

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::network::TCPConnector::TCPConnector ( ola::io::SelectServerInterface ss)

Create a new TCPConnector.

ssThe SelectServerInterface to use

Member Function Documentation

bool ola::network::TCPConnector::Cancel ( TCPConnectionID  id)

Cancel a pending TCP connection.

Cancelling a connection causes the callback to be run with ETIMEDOUT.

idthe id of the TCP connection to cancel
true if the connection was canceled. False if the TCPConnectionID wasn't found.
TCPConnector::TCPConnectionID ola::network::TCPConnector::Connect ( const IPV4SocketAddress endpoint,
const ola::TimeInterval timeout,
TCPConnectCallback callback 

Perform a non-blocking TCP connect.

The callback may be run from within this method. Some platforms like *BSD won't return EINPROGRESS if the address is local.

endpointthe IPV4SocketAddress to connect to
timeoutthe time to wait before declaring the connection a failure.
callbackthe TCPConnectCallback to run when the connection completes.
the TCPConnectionID for this connection, or 0 if the callback has already run.
void ola::network::TCPConnector::SocketWritable ( class PendingTCPConnection connection)

Called when the TCP socket connects.

connectionthe connection that is now connected.

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