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ola::rdm::DiscoverableQueueingRDMController Class Reference

Detailed Description

The DiscoverableQueueingRDMController also handles discovery, and ensures that only a single discovery or RDM request sequence occurs at once.

In this model, discovery has a higher precedence than RDM messages.

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Public Member Functions

 DiscoverableQueueingRDMController (DiscoverableRDMControllerInterface *controller, unsigned int max_queue_size)
void RunFullDiscovery (RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
void RunIncrementalDiscovery (RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::rdm::QueueingRDMController
 QueueingRDMController (RDMControllerInterface *controller, unsigned int max_queue_size)
void Pause ()
void Resume ()
void SendRDMRequest (RDMRequest *request, RDMCallback *on_complete)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::rdm::QueueingRDMController
void MaybeSendRDMRequest ()
void DispatchNextRequest ()
void HandleRDMResponse (RDMReply *reply)
void RunCallback (RDMReply *reply)
- Protected Attributes inherited from ola::rdm::QueueingRDMController
unsigned int m_max_queue_size
< outstanding_rdm_request
bool m_rdm_request_pending
bool m_active
std::auto_ptr< RDMCallbackm_callback
< ola::rdm::RDMResponse
std::vector< RDMFramem_frames

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::rdm::DiscoverableQueueingRDMController::DiscoverableQueueingRDMController ( DiscoverableRDMControllerInterface controller,
unsigned int  max_queue_size 

Constructor for the DiscoverableQueueingRDMController

Member Function Documentation

void ola::rdm::DiscoverableQueueingRDMController::RunFullDiscovery ( RDMDiscoveryCallback callback)

Run the full RDM discovery routine. This will either run immediately or after the current request completes.

void ola::rdm::DiscoverableQueueingRDMController::RunIncrementalDiscovery ( RDMDiscoveryCallback callback)

Run the incremental RDM discovery routine. This will either run immediately or after the current request completes.

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