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ola::rdm::GroupSizeCalculator Class Reference

Detailed Description

Calculate the number of repeats of a group required, given a certain number of tokens.

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Public Types

enum  calculator_state {

Public Member Functions

bool Descend () const
calculator_state CalculateGroupSize (unsigned int token_count, const class ola::messaging::Descriptor *descriptor, unsigned int *group_repeat_count)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::BoolFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::IPV4FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::MACFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UIDFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::StringFieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt8FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt16FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::UInt32FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int8FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int16FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::Int32FieldDescriptor *)
void Visit (const ola::messaging::FieldDescriptorGroup *)
void PostVisit (const ola::messaging::FieldDescriptorGroup *)

Member Function Documentation

GroupSizeCalculator::calculator_state ola::rdm::GroupSizeCalculator::CalculateGroupSize ( unsigned int  token_count,
const class ola::messaging::Descriptor descriptor,
unsigned int *  group_repeat_count 

Figure out the number of group repetitions required.

This method is not re-entrant.

token_countthe number of tokens supplied
descriptorthe descriptor to use to build the Message
[out]group_repeat_countthe number of repeated groups
the state of the calculator as a calculator_state.

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