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ola::rdm::QueuedMessageHandler Class Referenceabstract

Public Member Functions

virtual void ProxiedDeviceCount (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t device_count, bool list_changed)=0
virtual void ProxiedDevices (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< UID > &uids)=0
virtual void CommStatus (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t short_message, uint16_t length_mismatch, uint16_t checksum_fail)=0
virtual void StatusMessages (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< StatusMessage > &messages)=0
virtual void StatusIdDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &status_id)=0
virtual void SubDeviceReporting (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t status_type)=0
virtual void SupportedParameters (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< uint16_t > &parameters)=0
virtual void ParameterDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, const ParameterDescriptor &description)=0
virtual void DeviceInfo (const ResponseStatus &status, const DeviceDescriptor &device_info)=0
virtual void ProductDetailIdList (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< uint16_t > &ids)=0
virtual void DeviceModelDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &description)=0
virtual void ManufacturerLabel (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &label)=0
virtual void DeviceLabel (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &label)=0
virtual void FactoryDefaults (const ResponseStatus &status, bool using_defaults)=0
virtual void LanguageCapabilities (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< std::string > &langs)=0
virtual void Language (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &language)=0
virtual void SoftwareVersionLabel (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &label)=0
virtual void BootSoftwareVersion (const ResponseStatus &status, uint32_t version)=0
virtual void BootSoftwareVersionLabel (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::string &label)=0
virtual void DMXPersonality (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t current_personality, uint8_t personality_count)=0
virtual void DMXPersonalityDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t personality, uint16_t slots_requires, const std::string &label)=0
virtual void DMXAddress (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t start_address)=0
virtual void SlotInfo (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< SlotDescriptor > &slots)=0
virtual void SlotDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t slot_offset, const std::string &description)=0
virtual void SlotDefaultValues (const ResponseStatus &status, const std::vector< SlotDefault > &defaults)=0
virtual void SensorDefinition (const ResponseStatus &status, const SensorDescriptor &descriptor)=0
virtual void SensorValue (const ResponseStatus &status, const SensorValueDescriptor &descriptor)=0
virtual void DeviceHours (const ResponseStatus &status, uint32_t hours)=0
virtual void LampHours (const ResponseStatus &status, uint32_t hours)=0
virtual void LampStrikes (const ResponseStatus &status, uint32_t hours)=0
virtual void LampState (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t state)=0
virtual void LampMode (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t mode)=0
virtual void DevicePowerCycles (const ResponseStatus &status, uint32_t hours)=0
virtual void DisplayInvert (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t invert_mode)=0
virtual void DisplayLevel (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t level)=0
virtual void PanInvert (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t inverted)=0
virtual void TiltInvert (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t inverted)=0
virtual void PanTiltSwap (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t inverted)=0
virtual void IdentifyDevice (const ResponseStatus &status, bool mode)=0
virtual void Clock (const ResponseStatus &status, const ClockValue &clock)=0
virtual void PowerState (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t power_state)=0
virtual void ResetDevice (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t reset_device)=0
virtual void SelfTestEnabled (const ResponseStatus &status, bool is_enabled)=0
virtual void SelfTestDescription (const ResponseStatus &status, uint8_t self_test_number, const std::string &description)=0
virtual void PresetPlaybackMode (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t preset_mode, uint8_t level)=0
virtual void DefaultHandler (const ResponseStatus &status, uint16_t pid, const std::string &data)=0

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