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ola::web::AnyOfValidator Class Reference

Detailed Description

A validator which ensures at least one of the child validators pass (anyOf).

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Public Member Functions

 AnyOfValidator (ValidatorList *validators)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::web::ConjunctionValidator
 ConjunctionValidator (const std::string &keyword, ValidatorList *validators)
void Visit (const JsonString &value)
void Visit (const JsonBool &value)
void Visit (const JsonNull &value)
void Visit (const JsonRawValue &value)
void Visit (const JsonObject &value)
void Visit (const JsonArray &value)
void Visit (const JsonUInt &value)
void Visit (const JsonUInt64 &value)
void Visit (const JsonInt &value)
void Visit (const JsonInt64 &value)
void Visit (const JsonDouble &value)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::web::BaseValidator
virtual bool IsValid () const
 Check if the value was valid according to this validator.
virtual JsonObjectGetSchema () const
 Returns the Schema as a JsonObject. More...
void SetSchema (const std::string &schema)
 Set the schema.
void SetId (const std::string &id)
 Set the id.
void SetTitle (const std::string &title)
 Set the title.
void SetDescription (const std::string &title)
 Set the description.
void SetDefaultValue (const JsonValue *value)
 Set the default value for this validator. More...
const JsonValueGetDefaultValue () const
 Return the default value. More...
void AddEnumValue (const JsonValue *value)
 Add a enum value to the list of allowed values. More...

Protected Member Functions

void Validate (const JsonValue &value)
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::web::ConjunctionValidator
void ExtendSchema (JsonObject *schema) const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from ola::web::BaseValidator
 BaseValidator (JsonType type)
bool CheckEnums (const JsonValue &value)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ola::web::ValidatorInterface
typedef std::vector
< ValidatorInterface * > 
 a list of Validators.
- Protected Attributes inherited from ola::web::ConjunctionValidator
std::string m_keyword
ValidatorList m_validators
- Protected Attributes inherited from ola::web::BaseValidator
bool m_is_valid
JsonType m_type
std::string m_schema
std::string m_id
std::string m_title
std::string m_description
std::auto_ptr< const JsonValuem_default_value
std::vector< const JsonValue * > m_enums

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::web::AnyOfValidator::AnyOfValidator ( ValidatorList validators)
validatorsthe list of schemas to validate against. Ownership of the validators in the list is transferred.

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