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ola::web::JsonLeafValue Class Reference

Detailed Description

A base class used to describe values which are leafs of a JSON tree.

Leaf values are those which don't contain other values. All values except JsonObject and JsonArray are leaf values.

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Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::web::JsonValue
virtual JsonValueLookupElement (const JsonPointer &pointer)
 Locate the JsonValue referred to by the JSON Pointer.
virtual bool operator== (const JsonValue &other) const =0
 Equality operator. More...
virtual bool operator!= (const JsonValue &other) const
 Not-equals operator.
virtual void Accept (JsonValueVisitorInterface *visitor)=0
 The Accept method for the visitor pattern. More...
virtual void Accept (JsonValueConstVisitorInterface *visitor) const =0
 The Accept (const) method for the visitor pattern. More...
virtual JsonValueClone () const =0
 Make a copy of this JsonValue.

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