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ola::web::JsonPatchOp Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

A class to serialize a JSONValue to text.

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool Apply (JsonValue **value) const =0
 Apply the patch operation to the value. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool ola::web::JsonPatchOp::Apply ( JsonValue **  value) const
pure virtual

Apply the patch operation to the value.

valueA pointer to a JsonValue object. This may be modified, replaced or deleted entirely by the patch operation.
True if the patch was successfully applied, false otherwise.

Implemented in ola::web::JsonPatchTestOp, ola::web::JsonPatchCopyOp, ola::web::JsonPatchMoveOp, ola::web::JsonPatchReplaceOp, ola::web::JsonPatchRemoveOp, and ola::web::JsonPatchAddOp.

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