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ola::web::SchemaErrorLogger Class Reference

Detailed Description

The SchemaErrorLogger captures errors while parsing the schema.

The SchemaErrorLogger allows schema parsing errors to be logged. It prepends the error with the value of the JsonPointer so users have a decent idea of where the error occurred in the JSON document.

Public Member Functions

 SchemaErrorLogger (JsonPointer *pointer)
 Create a new SchemaErrorLogger. More...
bool HasError () const
 Check if there was an error logged.
std::string ErrorString () const
 Return the first error. More...
std::ostream & Error ()
 Log an error.
void Reset ()
 Clear the saved errors.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::web::SchemaErrorLogger::SchemaErrorLogger ( JsonPointer pointer)

Create a new SchemaErrorLogger.

pointerthe JsonPointer to use when logging error messages

Member Function Documentation

std::string ola::web::SchemaErrorLogger::ErrorString ( ) const

Return the first error.

The first error, or the empty string if no error was reported.

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