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ola::rpc Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The RPC (Remote Procedure Call) system.


class  OutstandingRequest
class  OutstandingResponse
class  RpcChannel
 The RPC channel used to communicate between the client and the server. This implementation runs over a ConnectedDescriptor which means it can be used over TCP or pipes. More...
class  RpcController
 A RpcController object is passed every time an RPC is invoked and is used to indicate the success or failure of the RPC. More...
class  RpcHeader
class  RpcPeer
class  RpcServer
 An RPC server. More...
class  RpcService
class  RpcSession
 Represents the RPC session between a client and server. More...
class  RpcSessionHandlerInterface
 Used to receive notifications of RPC client session activity. More...