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ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Represents a JSON double value broken down as separate components.

For the value 23.00456e-3: full: 23 leading_fractional_zeros: 2 fractional: 456 exponent: -3

Public Attributes

bool is_negative
uint64_t full
uint32_t leading_fractional_zeros
uint64_t fractional
int32_t exponent

Member Data Documentation

int32_t ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation::exponent

The exponent, or 0 if there isn't one.

uint64_t ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation::fractional

The fractional part of the double, without the leading 0s

uint64_t ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation::full

The number to the left of the decimal point

bool ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation::is_negative

The sign of the double, true is negative, false is positive

uint32_t ola::web::JsonDouble::DoubleRepresentation::leading_fractional_zeros

The number of leading 0s in the fractional part of the double

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