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ClientArgs.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Types used as arguments for the OLA Client.

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struct  ola::client::SendDMXArgs
 Arguments passed to the SendDMX() method. More...
struct  ola::client::SendRDMArgs
 Arguments used with OlaClient::RDMGet() and OlaClient::RDMSet() methods. More...


 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.


enum  ola::client::PatchAction { ola::client::PATCH, ola::client::UNPATCH }
 The patch action, used with OlaClient::Patch() More...
enum  ola::client::RegisterAction { ola::client::REGISTER, ola::client::UNREGISTER }
 The register action, used with OlaClient::RegisterUniverse() More...
enum  ola::client::PortDirection { ola::client::INPUT_PORT, ola::client::OUTPUT_PORT }
 The port direction. More...
enum  ola::client::DiscoveryType { ola::client::DISCOVERY_CACHED, ola::client::DISCOVERY_INCREMENTAL, ola::client::DISCOVERY_FULL }
 The type of discovery to run with OlaClient::RunDiscovery(). More...