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The Open Lighting Architecture is a flexible framework for working with lighting control protocols such as DMX512 and [RDM]( It contains a framework library (libola), a C++ API (libolaclient) and the main program (olad).


OLA can act as a gateway, where it converts between different protocols. It can also be used by client applications to communicate with DMX devices.

OLA supports the following:

Other features include:

Supported Platforms

OLA runs on Linux, Mac OS X and FreeBSD. It's been tested to run on x86, x86_64 & arm platforms.

Getting Started

As a developer, the easiest way to get started using OLA is with the C++ DMX Client API Tutorial.


The OLA framework and C++ client library is licensed under the LGPL. The OLA Daemon (olad) is licenced under the GPL.