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Constants.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Constants used throughout OLA.

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 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.


enum  { ola::DMX_UNIVERSE_SIZE = 512 }
 The number of slots in a DMX512 universe. More...


static const uint16_t ola::DMX_MIN_SLOT_NUMBER = 1
 The minimum number for a DMX512 slot.
static const uint16_t ola::DMX_MAX_SLOT_NUMBER = DMX_UNIVERSE_SIZE
 The maximum number for a DMX512 slot.
static const uint8_t ola::DMX_MIN_SLOT_VALUE = 0
 The minimum value a DMX512 slot can take.
static const uint8_t ola::DMX_MAX_SLOT_VALUE = 255
 The maximum value a DMX512 slot can take.
static const uint8_t ola::DMX512_START_CODE = 0
 The start code for DMX512 data. This is often referred to as NSC for "Null Start Code".
static const int ola::OLA_DEFAULT_PORT = 9010
 The default port which olad listens on for incoming RPC connections.
static const char ola::OLA_DEFAULT_INSTANCE_NAME [] = "OLA Server"
 The default instance name for olad.
static const uint16_t ola::OPEN_LIGHTING_ESTA_CODE = 0x7a70
 The ESTA manufacturer code for the Open Lighting Project.
static const uint32_t ola::MAX_UNIVERSE = 0xffffffff
 The maximum universe number.