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Flags.cpp File Reference
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 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.


 DEFINE_s_default_bool (version, v, false,"Display version information")
 DEFINE_default_bool (gen_manpage, false,"Generate a man page snippet")
void ola::SetHelpString (const std::string &first_line, const std::string &description)
 Set the help string for the program. More...
void ola::DisplayUsage ()
 Print the usage text to stdout.
void ola::DisplayUsageAndExit ()
 Print the usage text to stdout then exit.
void ola::DisplayVersion ()
 Print the version text to stdout.
void ola::GenManPage ()
void ola::ParseFlags (int *argc, char **argv)
 Parses the command line flags up to the first non-flag value. argv is re-arranged so that it only contains non-flag arguments. More...