Open Lighting Architecture  0.9.0
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Deprecated List
File BaseTypes.h
Use Constants.h instead.
Member ola::client::StreamingClient::StreamingClient (bool auto_start=true)
Use the constructor that takes an Options struct instead.
Member ola::DmxBuffer::DmxBuffer (const std::string &data)
Use DmxBuffer(const uint8_t *data, unsigned int length) instead
Member ola::network::FullHostname ()
use FQDN() instead (17 Nov 2013)
Class ola::OlaCallbackClient
Use ola::client::OlaClient instead.
File OlaCallbackClient.h
Include <ola/client/OlaClient.h> instead.
File OlaDevice.h
Include <ola/client/ClientTypes.h> instead.
Group rdm_api
This is only used by the Web Server. New code should use the PidStore.
File StreamingClient.h
Include <ola/client/StreamingClient.h> instead.