Open Lighting Architecture  0.9.6
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Descriptor.h File Reference

Detailed Description

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class  ola::io::ReadFileDescriptor
 Represents a file descriptor that supports reading data. More...
class  ola::io::WriteFileDescriptor
 Represents a file descriptor that supports writing data. More...
class  ola::io::BidirectionalFileDescriptor
 A file descriptor that supports both read & write. More...
class  ola::io::UnmanagedFileDescriptor
 Allows a FD created by a library to be used with the SelectServer. More...
struct  ola::io::UnmanagedFileDescriptor_lt
 Comparison operator for UnmanagedFileDescriptor. More...
class  ola::io::ConnectedDescriptor
 A BidirectionalFileDescriptor that also generates notifications when closed. More...
class  ola::io::LoopbackDescriptor
 A loopback descriptor. More...
class  ola::io::PipeDescriptor
 A descriptor that uses unix pipes. More...
class  ola::io::UnixSocket
 A unix domain socket pair. More...
class  ola::io::DeviceDescriptor
 A descriptor which represents a connection to a device. More...


namespace  ola
 The namespace containing all OLA symbols.
namespace  ola::io
 Classes for general I/O and event handling.


typedef int ola::io::DescriptorHandle


int ola::io::ToFD (const DescriptorHandle &handle)


static DescriptorHandle ola::io::INVALID_DESCRIPTOR = -1