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ola::plugin::artnet::ArtNetNode Class Reference

Detailed Description

The actual Art-Net Node.

Public Member Functions

 ArtNetNode (const ola::network::Interface &iface, ola::io::SelectServerInterface *ss, const ArtNetNodeOptions &options, ola::network::UDPSocketInterface *socket=NULL)
bool Start ()
bool Stop ()
bool EnterConfigurationMode ()
bool ExitConfigurationMode ()
bool SetShortName (const std::string &name)
std::string ShortName () const
bool SetLongName (const std::string &name)
std::string LongName () const
uint8_t NetAddress () const
bool SetNetAddress (uint8_t net_address)
bool SetSubnetAddress (uint8_t subnet_address)
uint8_t SubnetAddress () const
uint8_t InputPortCount () const
bool SetInputPortUniverse (uint8_t port_id, uint8_t universe_id)
uint8_t GetInputPortUniverse (uint8_t port_id) const
void DisableInputPort (uint8_t port_id)
bool InputPortState (uint8_t port_id) const
bool SetOutputPortUniverse (uint8_t port_id, uint8_t universe_id)
uint8_t GetOutputPortUniverse (uint8_t port_id)
void DisableOutputPort (uint8_t port_id)
bool OutputPortState (uint8_t port_id) const
void SetBroadcastThreshold (unsigned int threshold)
bool SetMergeMode (uint8_t port_id, artnet_merge_mode merge_mode)
bool SendPoll ()
bool SendDMX (uint8_t port_id, const ola::DmxBuffer &buffer)
void RunFullDiscovery (uint8_t port_id, ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
 Trigger full discovery for a port.
void RunIncrementalDiscovery (uint8_t port_id, ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
 Trigger incremental discovery for a port.
void SendRDMRequest (uint8_t port_id, ola::rdm::RDMRequest *request, ola::rdm::RDMCallback *on_complete)
 Send a RDM request by passing it though the Queuing Controller.
bool SetUnsolicitedUIDSetHandler (uint8_t port_id, ola::Callback1< void, const ola::rdm::UIDSet & > *on_tod)
void GetSubscribedNodes (uint8_t port_id, std::vector< ola::network::IPV4Address > *node_addresses)
bool SetDMXHandler (uint8_t port_id, DmxBuffer *buffer, ola::Callback0< void > *handler)
bool SendTod (uint8_t port_id, const ola::rdm::UIDSet &uid_set)
bool SetOutputPortRDMHandlers (uint8_t port_id, ola::Callback0< void > *on_discover, ola::Callback0< void > *on_flush, ola::Callback2< void, ola::rdm::RDMRequest *, ola::rdm::RDMCallback * > *on_rdm_request)
bool SendTimeCode (const ola::timecode::TimeCode &timecode)

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