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ola::plugin Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Code for supported devices and protocols.


 The Art-Net plugin.
 Code for DMX4Linux devices.
 The Dummy plugin.
 The E1.31 (sACN) plugin.
 Code for the ESPNet protocol.
 Code for FTDI devices.
 The General Purpose digital I/O Plugin.
 Code for Karate devices.
 Code for the Kinet protocol.
 Code for Milford Instruments devices.
 Code for Nanoleaf Aurora.
 Code for the Enttec OpenDMX.
 The Open Pixel Control (OPC) plugin.
 Code for the OSC protocol.
 Code for the Pathport protocol.
 Code for Renard devices.
 Code for the SandNet protocol.
 Code for the Strand ShowNet protocol.
 Code for SPI devices.
 Code for receiving DMX using SPI devices.
 Code for Stageprofi devices.
 Code for UART DMX devices.
 The plugin for hardware using libusb.
 Code for Enttec USB Pro devices and others using the same protocol.