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ola::plugin::milinst Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Code for Milford Instruments devices.


class  MilInstDevice
class  MilInstOutputPort
class  MilInstPlugin
class  MilInstWidget
class  MilInstWidget1463
class  MilInstWidget1553


const char plugin_description []

Variable Documentation

◆ plugin_description

const char ola::plugin::milinst::plugin_description[]
Initial value:
= "Milford Instruments Plugin\n"
"This plugin creates devices with one output port. It currently supports the\n"
"1-463 DMX Protocol Converter and 1-553 512 Channel Serial to DMX\n"
"## Config file: `ola-milinst.conf`\n"
"`device = /dev/ttyS0` \n"
"The device to use as a path for the serial port. Multiple devices are\n"
"### Per Device Settings\n"
"`<device>-type = [1-463 | 1-553]` \n"
"The type of interface.\n"
"#### 1-553 Specific Per Device Settings\n"
"`<device>-baudrate = [9600 | 19200]` \n"
"The baudrate to connect at.\n"
"`<device>-channels = [128 | 256 | 512]` \n"
"The number of channels to send."