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ola::plugin::kinet Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Code for the Kinet protocol.


class  KiNetDevice
class  KiNetNode
class  KiNetOutputPort
class  KiNetPlugin


const char plugin_description []

Variable Documentation

◆ plugin_description

const char ola::plugin::kinet::plugin_description[]
Initial value:
= "KiNET Plugin\n"
"This plugin creates a single device with multiple output ports. Each port\n"
"represents a power supply. This plugin uses the V1 DMX-Out version of the\n"
"KiNET protocol.\n"
"## Config file: `ola-kinet.conf`\n"
"`power_supply = <ip>` \n"
"The IP of the power supply to send to. You can communicate with more than\n"
"one power supply by adding multiple `power_supply =` lines"