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ola::plugin::ftdidmx Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Code for FTDI devices.


class  FtdiDmxDevice
class  FtdiDmxOutputPort
class  FtdiDmxPlugin
class  FtdiDmxThread
class  FtdiInterface
class  FtdiWidget
 An FTDI widget. More...
class  FtdiWidgetInfo
 This class holds information about an attached FTDI chip. More...


const char plugin_description []

Variable Documentation

const char ola::plugin::ftdidmx::plugin_description[]
Initial value:
= "FTDI USB Chipset DMX Plugin\n"
"This plugin is compatible with Enttec OpenDmx and other FTDI chipset based\n"
"USB to DMX converters where the host needs to create the DMX stream itself\n"
"and not the interface (the interface has no microprocessor to do so).\n"
"## Config file: ola-ftdidmx.conf\n"
"`frequency = 30` \n"
"The DMX stream frequency (30 to 44 Hz max are the usual)."