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ola::plugin::ftdidmx::FtdiInterface Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 FtdiInterface (const FtdiWidget *parent, const ftdi_interface interface)
std::string Description () const
bool SetInterface ()
 Set interface on the widget.
bool Open ()
 Open the widget.
bool Close ()
 Close the widget.
bool IsOpen () const
 Check if the widget is open.
bool Reset ()
 Reset the communications line.
bool SetLineProperties ()
 Setup communications line for 8N2 traffic.
bool SetBaudRate (int speed=250000)
 Set 250kbps baud rate.
bool SetFlowControl ()
 Disable flow control.
bool ClearRts ()
 Clear the RTS bit.
bool PurgeBuffers ()
 Purge TX & RX buffers.
bool SetBreak (bool on)
 Toggle communications line BREAK condition on/off.
bool Write (const ola::DmxBuffer &data)
 Write data to a previously-opened line.
bool Read (unsigned char *buff, int size)
 Read data from a previously-opened line.
bool SetupOutput ()
 Setup device for DMX Output.

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