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ola::plugin::ftdidmx::FtdiWidgetInfo Class Reference

Detailed Description

This class holds information about an attached FTDI chip.

Public Member Functions

 FtdiWidgetInfo (const std::string &name, const std::string &serial, unsigned int id, const uint16_t vid=FTDI_VID, const uint16_t pid=FT232_PID)
 FtdiWidgetInfo (const FtdiWidgetInfo &info)
std::string Name () const
std::string Serial () const
unsigned int Id () const
uint16_t Vid () const
uint16_t Pid () const
std::string Description () const
FtdiWidgetInfooperator= (const FtdiWidgetInfo &other)

Static Public Attributes

static const uint16_t FTDI_VID = 0x0403
static const uint16_t FT232_PID = 0x6001
static const uint16_t FT4232_PID = 0x6011

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