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ola::plugin::gpio Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

The General Purpose digital I/O Plugin.


class  GPIODevice
 The GPIO Device. More...
class  GPIODriver
 Uses data in a DMXBuffer to drive GPIO pins. More...
class  GPIOOutputPort
 The GPIO Output port. More...
class  GPIOPlugin
 A plugin that drives general purpose digital I/O lines. More...


const char plugin_description []

Variable Documentation

◆ plugin_description

const char ola::plugin::gpio::plugin_description[]
Initial value:
= "General Purpose I/O Plugin\n"
"This plugin controls the General Purpose Digital I/O (GPIO) pins on devices\n"
"like a Raspberry Pi. It creates a single device, with a single output port.\n"
"The offset (start address) of the GPIO pins is configurable.\n"
"## Config file: `ola-gpio.conf`\n"
"`gpio_pins = [int]` \n"
"The list of GPIO pins to control, each pin is mapped to a DMX512 slot.\n"
"`gpio_slot_offset = <int>` \n"
"The DMX512 slot for the first pin. Slots are indexed from 1.\n"
"`gpio_turn_on = <int>` \n"
"The DMX512 value above which a GPIO pin will be turned on.\n"
"`gpio_turn_off = <int>` \n"
"The DMX512 value below which a GPIO pin will be turned off."