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ola::plugin::osc Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Code for the OSC protocol.


class  OSCDevice
class  OSCInputPort
 The Input Port class, for receiving DMX via OSC. More...
class  OSCNode
class  OSCOutputPort
class  OSCPlugin
struct  OSCTarget


string ExpandTemplate (const string &str, unsigned int value)
void OSCErrorHandler (int error_code, const char *msg, const char *stack)
bool ExtractSlotFromPath (const string &osc_address, string *group_address, uint16_t *slot)
bool ExtractSlotValueFromPair (const string &type, lo_arg **argv, int argc, uint16_t *slot, uint8_t *value)
int OSCDataHandler (const char *osc_address, const char *types, lo_arg **argv, int argc, void *, void *user_data)


const char plugin_description []

Function Documentation

◆ ExpandTemplate()

std::string ola::plugin::osc::ExpandTemplate ( const string &  str,
unsigned int  value 

If the string contains d, replace it with the given value. This only replaces the first instance of d.

strthe template string to use
valuethe value to use as the replacement.
str with d replaced by value.

◆ ExtractSlotFromPath()

bool ola::plugin::osc::ExtractSlotFromPath ( const string &  osc_address,
string *  group_address,
uint16_t *  slot 

Extract the slot number and group address from an OSC address

◆ ExtractSlotValueFromPair()

bool ola::plugin::osc::ExtractSlotValueFromPair ( const string &  type,
lo_arg **  argv,
int  argc,
uint16_t *  slot,
uint8_t *  value 

Extract the slot and value from a tuple (either ii or if)

◆ OSCDataHandler()

int ola::plugin::osc::OSCDataHandler ( const char *  osc_address,
const char *  types,
lo_arg **  argv,
int  argc,
void *  ,
void *  user_data 

Called when liblo receives data.

osc_addressthe OSC Address this data was sent to
typesthe OSC data type for the data
argvthe data itself
argcthe number of data blocks
user_dataa pointer to the OSCNode object.