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ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode Class Reference

Detailed Description

The OSCNode object handles sending and receiving DMX data using OSC.

Sending: For sending, OSC Targets are assigned to groups. A group ID is just an arbitrary integer used to identify the group. It's not sent in the OSC packets. For example:

OSCNode node(OSCNode::OSCNodeOptions(), ...); node.Init();

node.AddTarget(1, OSCTarget(...)); node.AddTarget(1, OSCTarget(...)); node.SendData(1, FORMAT_BLOB, dmx);

Receiving: To receive DMX data, register a Callback for a specific OSC Address. For example:

OSCNode node(OSCNode::OSCNodeOptions(), ...); node.Init();

node.RegisterAddress("/dmx/1", NewCallback(...)); // run the SelectServer

// once it's time to stop, de-register this address node.RegisterAddress("/dmx/1", NULL);


struct  OSCNodeOptions

Public Types

enum  DataFormat {
typedef Callback1< void, const
DmxBuffer & > 

Public Member Functions

 OSCNode (ola::io::SelectServerInterface *ss, ola::ExportMap *export_map, const OSCNodeOptions &options)
 ~OSCNode ()
bool Init ()
void Stop ()
void AddTarget (unsigned int group, const OSCTarget &target)
bool RemoveTarget (unsigned int group, const OSCTarget &target)
bool SendData (unsigned int group, DataFormat data_format, const ola::DmxBuffer &data)
bool RegisterAddress (const std::string &osc_address, DMXCallback *callback)
void SetUniverse (const std::string &osc_address, const uint8_t *data, unsigned int size)
void SetSlot (const std::string &osc_address, uint16_t slot, uint8_t value)
uint16_t ListeningPort () const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::OSCNode ( ola::io::SelectServerInterface ss,
ola::ExportMap export_map,
const OSCNodeOptions options 

Create a new OSCNode.

ssthe SelectServer to use
export_mapa pointer to an ExportMap (may be NULL)
optionsthe OSCNodeOptions
ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::~OSCNode ( )


Member Function Documentation

void ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::AddTarget ( unsigned int  group,
const OSCTarget target 

Add a target for a particular group.

groupthe group to add this target to
targetthe OSC address for the target
uint16_t ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::ListeningPort ( ) const

Return the listening port. Will be 0 if the node isn't setup.

bool ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::RegisterAddress ( const std::string &  osc_address,
DMXCallback callback 

Register a callback to be run when we receive data for an address. De-registration can be performed by passing NULL as a callback. Attempting to register more than once on the same address will return false.

osc_addressthe OSC address to register.
callbackthe callback to run, ownership is transferred. The callback can be set to NULL to de-register.
false if callback was non-NULL, but the address was already registered. true otherwise.
bool ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::RemoveTarget ( unsigned int  group,
const OSCTarget target 

De-Register a target from this group.

groupthe group to remove the target from
targetthe OSCTarget to remove
true if the target was removed, false if it wasn't in the group
bool ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::SendData ( unsigned int  group,
DataFormat  data_format,
const ola::DmxBuffer dmx_data 

Send the DMX data to all targets registered for this group.

groupthe group to send the data to
data_formatthe format of data to send
dmx_datathe DmxBuffer to send
true if successfully sent, false if any error occurred.
void ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::SetSlot ( const std::string &  osc_address,
uint16_t  slot,
uint8_t  value 

Called by OSCDataHandler when there is new data.

osc_addressthe OSC address this data arrived on
slotthe slot offset to set.
valuethe DMX value for the slot
void ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::SetUniverse ( const std::string &  osc_address,
const uint8_t *  data,
unsigned int  size 

Called by OSCDataHandler when there is new data.

osc_addressthe OSC address this data arrived on
datathe DmxBuffer containing the data.
sizethe number of slots.
void ola::plugin::osc::OSCNode::Stop ( )

Stop this node. This removes all registrations and targets.

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