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ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCClient Class Reference

Detailed Description

An Open Pixel Control client.

The OPC client connects to a remote IP:port and sends OPC messages.

Public Types

typedef ola::Callback1< void,
bool > 
 Called when the socket changes state.

Public Member Functions

 OPCClient (ola::io::SelectServerInterface *ss, const ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress &target)
 Create a new OPCClient. More...
 ~OPCClient ()
std::string GetRemoteAddress () const
 Return the remote address for this Client. More...
bool SendDmx (uint8_t channel, const DmxBuffer &buffer)
 Send a DMX frame. More...
void SetSocketCallback (SocketEventCallback *callback)
 Set the callback to be run when the socket state changes. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCClient::OPCClient ( ola::io::SelectServerInterface ss,
const ola::network::IPV4SocketAddress target 

Create a new OPCClient.

ssThe SelectServer to use
targetthe remote IP:port to connect to.

Member Function Documentation

std::string ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCClient::GetRemoteAddress ( ) const

Return the remote address for this Client.

An IP:port as a string.
bool ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCClient::SendDmx ( uint8_t  channel,
const DmxBuffer buffer 

Send a DMX frame.

channelthe OPC channel to use.
bufferthe DMX data.
void ola::plugin::openpixelcontrol::OPCClient::SetSocketCallback ( SocketEventCallback callback)

Set the callback to be run when the socket state changes.

callbackthe callback to run when the socket state changes. Ownership is transferred.

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