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ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread:
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Public Member Functions

 SPIDMXThread (SPIDMXWidget *widget, unsigned int blocklength)
void RegisterPort ()
void UnregisterPort ()
bool Stop ()
void * Run ()
bool WriteDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
const DmxBufferGetDmxInBuffer () const
 Get DMX Buffer. More...
bool SetReceiveCallback (Callback0< void > *callback)
 Set the callback to be called when the receive buffer is updated. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::thread::Thread
 Thread (const Options &options=Options())
 Create a new thread with the specified thread options. More...
virtual ~Thread ()
virtual bool Start ()
 Start the thread and wait for the thread to be running. More...
virtual bool FastStart ()
 Start the thread and return immediately. More...
virtual bool Join (void *ptr=NULL)
 Join this thread. More...
bool IsRunning ()
 Check if the thread is running. More...
ThreadId Id () const
 Return the thread id. More...
std::string Name () const
 Return the thread name. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ola::thread::Thread
static ThreadId Self ()
 Returns the current thread's id. More...

Member Function Documentation

const DmxBuffer & ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::GetDmxInBuffer ( ) const

Get DMX Buffer.

DmxBuffer with current input values.
void ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::RegisterPort ( )

This thread only has to run if ports using it are patched to a universe. Thus, they must register and unregister to notify this thread.

void * ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::Run ( )

The method called by the thread

Implements ola::thread::Thread.

bool ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::SetReceiveCallback ( Callback0< void > *  callback)

Set the callback to be called when the receive buffer is updated.

callbackThe callback to call or NULL to unregister.
false if there was an error, true otherwise.
bool ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::Stop ( )

Stop this thread

bool ola::plugin::spidmx::SPIDMXThread::WriteDMX ( const DmxBuffer buffer)

Copy a DmxBuffer to the output thread

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