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ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Send DMX data using libusb, from a separate thread.

The synchronous libusb calls can sometimes take a while to complete, I've seen cases of up to 21ms.

To avoid blocking the main thread, we need to perform the libusb transfer calls in a separate thread. This class contains all the thread management code, leaving the subclass to implement TransmitBuffer(), which performs the actual transfer.

ThreadedUsbSender can be used as a building block for synchronous widgets.

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Public Member Functions

 ThreadedUsbSender (libusb_device *usb_device, libusb_device_handle *usb_handle, int interface_number=0)
 Create a new ThreadedUsbSender. More...
bool Start ()
 Start the new thread. More...
void * Run ()
 Entry point for the new thread. More...
bool SendDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
 Buffer a DMX frame for sending. More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool TransmitBuffer (libusb_device_handle *handle, const DmxBuffer &buffer)=0
 Perform the DMX transfer. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender::ThreadedUsbSender ( libusb_device *  usb_device,
libusb_device_handle *  usb_handle,
int  interface_number = 0 

Create a new ThreadedUsbSender.

usb_deviceThe usb_device to use. The ThreadedUsbSender takes a ref on the device, while the ThreadedUsbSender object exists.
usb_handleThe handle to use for the DMX transfer.
interface_numberthe USB interface number of the widget. Defaults to 0.

Member Function Documentation

void * ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender::Run ( )

Entry point for the new thread.


Implements ola::thread::Thread.

bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender::SendDMX ( const DmxBuffer buffer)

Buffer a DMX frame for sending.

bufferthe DmxBuffer to send.

This should be called in the main thread.

bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender::Start ( )

Start the new thread.

true if the thread is running, false otherwise.

Reimplemented from ola::thread::Thread.

virtual bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::ThreadedUsbSender::TransmitBuffer ( libusb_device_handle *  handle,
const DmxBuffer buffer 
protectedpure virtual

Perform the DMX transfer.

handlethe libusb_device_handle to use for the transfer.
bufferThe DmxBuffer to transfer.
true if the transfer was completed, false otherwise.

This is called from the sender thread.

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