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ola::plugin::usbdmx::WidgetFactory Class Referenceabstract

Detailed Description

Creates new Widget objects to represent DMX USB hardware.

WidgetFactories are called when new USB devices are located. By inspecting the device's vendor and product ID, they may choose to create a new Widget object. The WidgetFactory then calls the WidgetObserver object to indicate a new Widget has been added.

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool DeviceAdded (WidgetObserver *observer, libusb_device *usb_device, const struct libusb_device_descriptor &descriptor)=0
 Called when a new USB device is added. More...
virtual std::string Name () const =0
 The name of this factory. More...

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool ola::plugin::usbdmx::WidgetFactory::DeviceAdded ( WidgetObserver observer,
libusb_device *  usb_device,
const struct libusb_device_descriptor &  descriptor 
pure virtual

Called when a new USB device is added.

observerThe WidgetObserver to notify if this results in a new widget.
usb_devicethe libusb_device that was added.
descriptorthe libusb_device_descriptor that corresponds to the usb_device.
True if this factory has claimed the usb_device, false otherwise.

Implemented in ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCProjectsNodleU1Factory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::JaRuleFactory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::DMXCreator512BasicFactory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::ScanlimeFadecandyFactory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::AnymauDMXFactory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::AVLdiyD512Factory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::EuroliteProFactory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::ShowJockeyDMXU1Factory, ola::plugin::usbdmx::SunliteFactory, and ola::plugin::usbdmx::VellemanK8062Factory.

virtual std::string ola::plugin::usbdmx::WidgetFactory::Name ( ) const
pure virtual

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