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ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl Class Reference

Detailed Description

The internal implementation of an Enttec port

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Public Types

typedef ola::Callback3< bool,
uint8_t, const uint8_t
*, unsigned int > 
- Public Types inherited from ola::rdm::DiscoveryTargetInterface
typedef ola::BaseCallback1
< void, bool > 
 The callback run when a mute command completes. More...
typedef ola::BaseCallback0< void > UnMuteDeviceCallback
 The callback run when an unmute command completes.
typedef ola::BaseCallback2
< void, const uint8_t
*, unsigned int > 
 The callback run when a DUB command completes. More...

Public Member Functions

 EnttecPortImpl (const OperationLabels &ops, const ola::rdm::UID &uid, SendCallback *send_cb, bool no_rdm_dub_timeout=false)
void Stop ()
bool SendDMX (const DmxBuffer &buffer)
const DmxBufferFetchDMX () const
void SetDMXCallback (ola::Callback0< void > *callback)
bool ChangeToReceiveMode (bool change_only)
void GetParameters (usb_pro_params_callback *callback)
bool SetParameters (uint8_t break_time, uint8_t mab_time, uint8_t rate)
void SendRDMRequest (ola::rdm::RDMRequest *request, ola::rdm::RDMCallback *on_complete)
void RunFullDiscovery (ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
void RunIncrementalDiscovery (ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback *callback)
void MuteDevice (const ola::rdm::UID &target, MuteDeviceCallback *mute_complete)
void UnMuteAll (UnMuteDeviceCallback *unmute_complete)
void Branch (const ola::rdm::UID &lower, const ola::rdm::UID &upper, BranchCallback *callback)
void HandleRDMTimeout (unsigned int length)
void HandleParameters (const uint8_t *data, unsigned int length)
void HandleIncomingDataMessage (const uint8_t *data, unsigned int length)
void HandleDMXDiff (const uint8_t *data, unsigned int length)
void ClockWatchdog ()
void WatchdogFired ()

Member Function Documentation

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::Branch ( const ola::rdm::UID lower,
const ola::rdm::UID upper,
BranchCallback callback 

Send a Discovery Unique Branch

Implements ola::rdm::DiscoveryTargetInterface.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::GetParameters ( usb_pro_params_callback callback)

Send a request for the widget's parameters. TODO(simon): add timers to these

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::HandleIncomingDataMessage ( const uint8_t *  data,
unsigned int  length 

Handle an incoming frame.

datathe incoming data buffer
lengththe length of the data buffer.

The first byte is a status code: 0: good, non-0: bad The second byte is the start code The remaining bytes are the actual data.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::HandleRDMTimeout ( unsigned int  length)

Called to indicate the completion of an RDM request. According to the spec: The timeout message will follow the RDM discovery reply message, whether or not the reply is partial or complete. This doesn't seem to be the case in reality for DUBs with newer firmware (>=4.15) The timeout message will follow the RDM reply message (GET or SET), only when the reply is incomplete or unrecognizable.

Experiments suggest that sending another RDM message before this 'timeout' is received results in Bad Things Happening.

The length of this message should be 0.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::MuteDevice ( const ola::rdm::UID target,
MuteDeviceCallback mute_complete 

Mute a responder

targetthe UID to mute
mute_completethe callback to run once the mute request completes.

Implements ola::rdm::DiscoveryTargetInterface.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::RunFullDiscovery ( ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback callback)

Start full discovery for this widget.

Implements ola::rdm::DiscoverableRDMControllerInterface.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::RunIncrementalDiscovery ( ola::rdm::RDMDiscoveryCallback callback)

Start incremental discovery for this widget

Implements ola::rdm::DiscoverableRDMControllerInterface.

bool ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::SendDMX ( const DmxBuffer buffer)

Send a DMX message

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::SendRDMRequest ( ola::rdm::RDMRequest request,
ola::rdm::RDMCallback on_complete 

Send an RDM Request.

Implements ola::rdm::RDMControllerInterface.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::SetDMXCallback ( ola::Callback0< void > *  callback)

Set the callback to run when new DMX data arrives

bool ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::SetParameters ( uint8_t  break_time,
uint8_t  mab_time,
uint8_t  rate 

Set the widget's parameters. Due to the lack of confirmation, this returns immediately.

void ola::plugin::usbpro::EnttecPortImpl::UnMuteAll ( UnMuteDeviceCallback unmute_complete)

Unmute all responders

unmute_completethe callback to run once the unmute request completes.

Implements ola::rdm::DiscoveryTargetInterface.

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