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ola::thread::ConsumerThread Class Reference

Detailed Description

A thread which waits on a queue, and when actions (callbacks) become available, it pulls them from the queue and executes them.

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Public Types

typedef BaseCallback0< void > * Action

Public Member Functions

 ConsumerThread (std::queue< Action > *callback_queue, const bool *shutdown, Mutex *mutex, ConditionVariable *condition_var, const Thread::Options &options=Thread::Options())
void * Run ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ola::thread::Thread
 Thread (const Options &options=Options())
 Create a new thread with the specified thread options. More...
virtual ~Thread ()
virtual bool Start ()
 Start the thread and wait for the thread to be running. More...
virtual bool FastStart ()
 Start the thread and return immediately. More...
virtual bool Join (void *ptr=NULL)
 Join this thread. More...
bool IsRunning ()
 Check if the thread is running. More...
ThreadId Id () const
 Return the thread id. More...
std::string Name () const
 Return the thread name. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from ola::thread::Thread
static ThreadId Self ()
 Returns the current thread's id. More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ola::thread::ConsumerThread::ConsumerThread ( std::queue< Action > *  callback_queue,
const bool *  shutdown,
Mutex mutex,
ConditionVariable condition_var,
const Thread::Options options = Thread::Options() 
callback_queuethe queue to pull actions from
shutdowna bool which is set to true if this thread is to finish.
mutexthe Mutex object which protects the queue and shutdown variable.
condition_varthe ConditionVariable to wait on. This signals when the queue is non-empty, or shutdown changes to true.
optionsThe thread options.

Member Function Documentation

void * ola::thread::ConsumerThread::Run ( )

The run method, this loops, executing actions, until we're told to terminate.

Implements ola::thread::Thread.

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